Saturday, July 18, 2009

What National Organizations Are Doing ? (2)

Guest Blogger: Dr. Linda Baer, Senior Vice Chancellor fore Academic and Student Affairs, Minnesota State College and Universities

The National Association of System Heads developed a potential measurement framework for participation and success rates for underrepresented and all students transitioning from high school preparation to college success. The value here is that the association has acknowledged the multiple factors and milestones critical to support and maximize student success. The following chart depicts the pathway, goals and indicators in a systematic manner based on key data elements including success in entry level math and English, successful completion of remediation, year to year retention and early accumulation of credits.

Each of the examples cited; enrollment management, Lumina’s Achieving the Dream, or the National Association of System Heads and Education Trust Access to Success all have common elements that have been found to make the biggest difference in student success, retention and graduation. The research has been clear for some time about what colleges and universities need to do to be more effective in serving students. The availability of data has supported the proof of best practices that work. Bringing the predictive modeling capacities within the analytics framework can maximize the research and data in a more customized and personalized manner for each student.

URM = underrepresented minority populations.

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